philippe murzeau

philippe murzeau

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First Name * philippe
Last Name * murzeau
Username * iciETlaba
Country * France
City Rennes
Languages EnglishFrench



Availability: Freelance


I work as a freelance designer / cg artist. I come from a generalist design background, having studied design 4 years at goldsmiths college, London. I'm self taught in 3d CG softwares, I validated those skills freelancing for the game industry and doing 3D CG work in various occasions . Since 2000 i've been following the growth of 3d richmedia technologies such as Viewpoint, cult3d and Nova. I have developped a taste for those real-time 3D rendering technologies and am willing to create new and unprecedented applications taking advantage of their huge potential.
I have some work experience with web-site design as-well and so have some knowledge of the technical background for those richmedia technologies.
As a designer, i feel pretty confident in tackling projects based upon various grounds, as my profile might suggest... Creativity is my work-tool, and when i need to gain knowledge to nurture it, well i find that piece of information.